Adding a new post at the Mansfield Social Media Surgery

Adding a new post at the Mansfield Social Media Surgery

This is another example of a wordpress blog post.

The weather is still very hot in Mansfield

This is a link to find out more about Hucknall.


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Testing out Wordpress at Mansfield Social Media Surgery

Testing out WordPress at Mansfield Social Media Surgery

Just adding a quick test post to the blog.

It’s very hot in Mansfield today

We are talking about Edwinstowe.

Edwinstowe Church.jpg
Edwinstowe Church” by ZachJBeavers – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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Test Post at Mansfield CVS Social Media Surgery

Test Post at Mansfield CVS Social Media Surgery

This is how to add a new post to the website

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Rules for Tools

Saw this poster today in the gardens at Clumber Park. Seems to be many parallels from the 19th Century about use of garden tools with our use of social media tools today.

Rules for Tools

Saw this poster today in the gardens at Clumber Park. Seems to be many parallels from the 19th Century about use of garden tools with our use of social media tools today.

"… likes linking, hates re-inventing…" (Care homes and volunteers)

“… likes linking, hates re-inventing…” (Care homes and volunteers)

The title of this post is taken from my Twitter bio and is something i’m keen to put into practice when I can. If there is a good idea or good project out there, let others know about it, don’t go off and set up something in competition or with similar aims.

This is a little late, but fills in some of what i’ve been doing on Connecting Care during the latter part of March (after coming back from

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Beside the seaside…

Beside the seaside…

One of the care homes we are working with on Connecting Care is in the seaside town of Bognor Regis. On Thursday we paid a return visit to see how they are getting on with the actions from our first meeting.

It was great to hear of the positive steps they are taking such as their new website,about their activities co-ordinator who is using YouTube to show interesting video clips requested by the…

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Some BarCampNFP Thoughts

Welcome back, for regular readers (or anyone who follows my tweets) you’ll notice I’ve skipped a week. Penguin Day and #14ntc in Washington DC generated a lot of ‘thinking’ and ‘processing’ , so a blog will follow later.


With Pauline Roche at #barcampnfp

So back on UK time, Thursday was #barcampnfp. The unconference for people working for charities / voluntary (Not For Profit) sector who want to…

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Digital Skills for the Care Sector

Digital Skills for the Care Sector

On Thursday Skills For Care launched the first part of their strategy on the digital skills needs of the care sector. This plan is based on results from an on-line and paper based survey conducted in the early part of this year. Further qualitative research and in depth interviews are to follow.

There is a Storify summary of the day and the strategy is available to read and download from the…

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Good use of technology is inspiring

Good use of technology is inspiring

I’m not sure about awards ceremonies. There is something that makes me think, “how can that be the best example of a thing?” or “are they really the most significant person?”. What about all those other undiscovered examples of splendid ideas or good projects just getting on with it and not getting a certificate or a cut glass trophy. Some awards also seem to be just about the glitzy ceremony…

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Disaster Planning - Some thoughts and a checklist

Disaster Planning – Some thoughts and a checklist

‘It’ll never happen to us’ is something I often hear said by voluntary sector organisations when I mention disaster recovery procedures and business continuity policies. Fortunately most will have insurance so the computers are covered by insurance and the building can be repaired, but what about their data. Worryingly I meet organisations who don’t back up personnel information or keep offsite…

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